Mission statement

SWiET is a non-profit organisation based at the University of Johannesburg with the mission to form a sisterhood amongst female engineering students. This shall be done through academic upliftment and support, educational enrichment, and fun social opportunities. The society also intends on contributing to the empowerment of the community on an academic and social level.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Annual SWiET Opening

This year’s opening function was full of energy and enthusiasm as we introduced the year planner to our members, the objective was to get everyone on board to kick-start the year. SWiET ladies managed, single-handedly to invite women that are already working in the industry, practicing as engineers to come and enjoy this day with us. They got to understand the society’s vision and mission, building of sisterhood and the mentor-ship chain that the society is aiming to achieve. We introduced some of exciting major project that SWiET will take part in, this academic year. The highlight of our day was our guest speaker, Mukovhe Confidence Tshilande (Vice Chairperson in 2013), who is a lady who knows SWiET very well and has been part of it throughout her academic career and has witnessed the society grow and blossom into a masterpiece.

The new executive committee for the year 2015 got to meet with our members, mingled with them and understood what the members’ expectations were about this year. When ladies meet under one roof…. wisdom, determination and not forgetting “fun” are some of the thing you’ll surely get. Both the working class and the students learned a thing or two from one another, so you never stop learning.

Venue: APK UJ Campus, Engineering Department B3 lab 11
Date: 14 March

Monday, May 11, 2015

SWiET Alumni

SWiET is growing !!!!!

We believe they are making difference in industries.

Candice Allies
Lorraine Phumudzo Gangazhe
Palesa Malinga
Lerato Mokoena
Sandrine Anicette Tina Tcheu Hebou

Malesiba Mabe
Dimakatso Kabai
Nozipho Ngomane
Mukovhe Confidence Tshilande
Amanda Noelette Makhubele
Roshne Rayners
Kuvhanganani Tacia Magidimisa
Sifiso Mabuza
Nolwazi Mbali
Lethabo Consonance Sediba
Thandeka Khumalo
Paulette Mushwana

Mavis Ramaabele Phasha
Nokwanda Mzimela
Vuyelwa Dlungana
Munzhedzi Mahwasane
Oreratile Motladile
Nothando Shabangu
Lusani Ravhuanzwo
Doyle Carmen
Rendani Ramunenyiwa

* list to be continued

" Female engineer is a person who solves world problem and looks pretty doing it" unknown

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet the team: SWiET Executive Committee 2012

       Chairperson                                                            Vice Chairperson
    Katlego Setwaba                                                         Dimakatso Kabai

             Secretary General                                                Project Manaer
           Relebohile Maboee                                               Mbalenhle Zwane
         Financial Manager                                           Markerting Manager
        Thandeka Khumalo                                               Malesiba Mabe

          Public Relations Manager                                  Academics Manager
              Roshne Rayners                                            Confidence Tshilande
          Mentorship Manager
               Mavis Phasha
And the Outreach Manager is : Lorraine Gangazhe


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Young Women in Schools Day

 Are you a woman thinking of a career in engineering and the built environment?
 Are you a female student that has unanswered questions about
 engineering and the built environment?
 If the answer is yes then come and join us for a day of fun
 and excitement at the SCI-BONO Discovery Centre.

Date: 2 June 2012 
Time: 10:00am - 14:00pm 
Venue: SCI-BONO Discovery Centre

Entrance free, booking essential!

Ms Maggy Ngolwane
Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment
Tel +27 11 559 6834 • Fax +27 86 697 7535
Email: industrialeng@uj.ac.za

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 SWiET Outreach

We will be announcing all sorts of exciting opportunities and projects that you can get involved in and give a little back to the community in a real (fun) way. Below is the basic outline for the outreach program we have planned for SWiET 2011.

WiEBE and SWiET will be hosting the YWIS day (Young Women in Schools Day) on the 7th of May at SciBono. We need about 10 society members to get involved on the day. Transport from APK and DFC will be arranged if you’d like to come along as a facilitator/role model for young women in grade 11 and 12. This will involve a welcome session, some interesting activities for the girls to get involved in, and then lunch with a closing session. This event will be a great way for the girls to interact with science and maths in a fun way to get them interested in these subjects that could lead them to a career in engineering.

We also want to support the ‘The SOAPkidz Mountain Challenge’. SOAPkidz empowers vulnerable children in Africa by connecting them to nature. We are looking for passionate volunteers to join us or volunteers that might want to arrange other opportunities for the girls to hike.

We would also like to get more involved with the TechnoLab at UJ this year. Currently we do have SWiET ladies tutoring the first years. If you’re interested in getting involved at this level (and get paid for your efforts), contact the TechnoLab and tell them SWiET sent you ;). Also, the TechnoLab often host schools and holiday clubs where they promote science and technology in a really fun way, building water rockets and robots and so much more. We would like to get you involved in helping to present at these events to make it even more fun and exciting.

We are also very happy to announce our collaboration with SAWomEng (South African Women in Engineering) in 2011. SAWomEng have set up a program called GirlEng, which encourages young women in high school to get involved and excited about engineering. We are very fortunate to be able to get involved with this project. Three of our members went to the mentorship training program on the 2nd of April at WITS. This, along with an information session for prospective female engineering students on the 7th of May at UJ, will prepare them for a weekend camp towards the end of the year with the school girls. This will be a great opportunity to get the young girls interested in engineering and to give them an experience they otherwise would not have been able to get.

Remember your role as a SWiET member:

As more women enter the profession and more and more networks are formed and more and more role models are seen, the perceptions are changed and a lot of the difficulties faced by women in engineering are conquered. Giving young women access to female role models and mentors, and supporting peer networks will influence the minds of those wanting to enter the field of engineering. And ultimately, that is our goal!